Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1909)



water lilies in autochrome

Prokudin-Gorsky Water Lilies

Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky (or Prokudin-Gorskii). Water Lilies. Autochrome, circa 1905-1915.

The largest Prokudin-Gorskii Collection online (autochrome and b/w photos, mostly of the Russian Empire).

Chouanard Nympheas autochrome 1910-1925

Henri Chouanard. Water Lilies (Nympheas). Autochrome, circa 1920-1925.

More colour photos (autochrome) taken by Henri Chouanard on RMN site.

early colour photos

Early colour photos (autochrome) on Gallica site (more than 500 pictures). Portraits, landscapes, flowers, castles etc. Photos taken circa 1907-1935.

flowers autochrome1907 Gallica

An unknown photographer. Flowers near the window. Photo taken on 30 June 1907 (see notes on picture).

Chouanard Orchids autochrome

Henri Chouanard. Orchids (Composition florale autour d’un paravent). Autochrome. UPD: Bulletin de la Société d’excursions des amateurs de photographie wrote about him in 1912: “Henri CHOUANARD, ingénieur, demeurant à Paris, 104, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière”. More info here.

Jean Reutlinger Lake in a forest autochrome

Jean Reutlinger. Lake in a forest. Photo made circa 1907-1914.

Clement Maurice autochrome lady circa1907

Clément Maurice. Portrait of a lady. Photo taken circa 1907-1911. Another photo of the same woman here. The landscape is painted and was used (I think) for b/w photos, but it doesn’t work at all for colour photos 🙂

stars and books

Bardot book1 Bardot book3

Brigitte Bardot reading

Keira Knightley book

Keira Knightley

gregory peck book

Gregory Peck

 ava gardner with a book

Ava Gardner

Monroe book1 monroe book3monroe book6 Monroe book4 monroe book5

Marilyn Monroe

Diana book

Young lady Diana

Dietrich book

Marlene Dietrich


Gérard Philipe

woodyallen romy schneider book

Woody Allen and Romy Schneider in a movie What’s New Pussycat?

delon schneider book

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon


Françoise Dorléac and Michael Caine

Diane Kruger book

Diane Kruger


George Clooney

Lionel Messi books

Lionel Messi

photos of Ellen von Unwerth

Before New Year I wanted to show here something bright and festive, so here it is 🙂 You can like or dislike photos of Ellen von Unwerth, but they have a style that makes them recognizable among many other photos.

Keira Knightley Ellen von Unwerth

Keira Knightley. Photo of Ellen von Unwerth.

Monica Bellucci Ellen von Unwerth Glamour Italia 2012

Monica Bellucci. Photo of Ellen von Unwerth.

Audrey Tautou Ellen von Unwerth

Audrey Tautou. Photo of Ellen von Unwerth.

Adrien Brody Ellen von Unwerth

Adrien Brody. Photo of Ellen von Unwerth.

Colin Farrell Ellen von Unwerth

Colin Farrell. Photo of Ellen von Unwerth.

Pictures found via google.