fashion photos from Les Modes

Lantelme as a fashion model: all photos from Les Modes magazine


Lantelme in Les Modes (May 1902). Dress by Paquin.


Lantelme in Les Modes (July 1902).

lantelme les modes 1905-06

Lantelme in Les Modes (June 1905). Hat by Reboux.


Lantelme in Les Modes (July 1905). Dress by Doucet.

Lantelme Les Modes 1906-03-Talbot2 ret Lantelme Les Modes 1906-03-Talbot1 ret

Lantelme in Les Modes (March 1906). Hats by Suzanne Talbot.

lantelme les modes 1907-4

Lantelme on the cover of Les Modes (April 1907).

lantelme les modes 1907-12

Lantelme in Les Modes (December 1907). Dress by Doucet.

lantelme-nov1908 lantelme-nov1908-color

Lantelme in Les Modes (November 1908).

les modes dec1909

Lantelme in Les Modes (December 1909). Coat by Doucet.


Lantelme in Les Modes (January 1910). Hat by Marie-Louise.


Lantelme in Les Modes (June 1910). Dress by Jeanne Lanvin.


Lantelme in Les Modes (June 1910).


Lantelme in Les Modes (July 1910). Hat by Carlier.

lantelme-nov1910 lantelme-nov1910-2

Lantelme in Les Modes (November 1910).


Lantelme in Les Modes (December 1910). Dress by Paquin.

Les Modes1911-03 Lantelme color

Lantelme in Les Modes (March 1911). Dress by Paquin.

les modes1911-05 Lantelme

Lantelme in Les Modes (May 1911). Hats by Suzanne Weiss.

les modes1911-06 Lantelme

Lantelme in Les Modes (June 1911). Hats by Suzanne Weiss.

Additional pictures related to Lantelme:

lantelmedress-dec1910-lesmodes Les Modes mars 1909 Lantelme Lavalliere bal 200 le Roi 1907-07-lantelme-boldini


pix of Eve Lavallière

As I mentioned Eve Lavallière in my previous post, I think I can add some photos of this Belle Epoque star. She is the prototype of French actress Eve Largillière, described in my two novels, but I must say I used only a part of her bio and I’m sure the destiny of Eve Lavallière should inspire other writers interested in history.

Eve Lavalliere par Nadar

Eve Lavallière by Nadar, in Cleopatra style


Young Eve Lavallière.



Eve Lavallière in Les Modes, 1902 (dresses for the comedy Les Deux Ecoles).

Helleu Lavalliere CI

Eve Lavallière by Helleu.

Lavalliere CDV par Felix

Eve Lavallière by Felix.

Lavalliere-cabinet photo

Eve Lavallière by Reutlinger.

Lavalliere-cdv par Boyer

Eve Lavallière by Boyer.

Lavalliere Comoedia cover

Eve Lavallière on the cover of Comoedia Illustre, 1909 (scan in hi res).

Lavalliere Le Theatre scan

Eve Lavallière in Le Theatre (scan).

Lavalliere postcard04 Lavalliere postcard02 Lavalliere postcard01

Lavalliere postcard03

Eve Lavallière postcards.

Lavalliere cdv par Reutlinger

Cabinet photo with Eve Lavallière autograph.

Lavalliere comoedia illustre

Eve Lavallière, scan from Comoedia Illustre (1909). Hat by Marie Louise.

Lavalliere boudoir The Theatre magazine

Eve Lavallière in her boudoir, photo from The Theatre.


Paris home of Eve Lavallière.

Lavalliere 1912-09-cover Lanvin

Eve Lavallière on the cover of Les Modes, September 1912. Dress by Jeanne Lanvin.

Lavalliere le Rire 1904-11-19

Eve Lavallière and Albert Brasseur. Drawing by de Losques (Le Rire, 19 November 1904).

Lavalliere Le Rire de Losques

Eve Lavallière by de Losques.

Lavalliere le Rire 1911-12-16 Gus Bofa

Eve Lavallière by Gus Bofa (Le Rire, 16 December 1911).

Lavalliere Les Petits de Losques

Eve Lavallière in Les Petits, drawing by de Losques.

Lavalliere Les Modes 1904-07 cover

Eve Lavallière on the cover of Les Modes, July 1904.


A prophetic drawing by de Losques: Eve Lavallière in Un Ange (The Angel). Figaro, 15 December 1909.


Eve Lavallière dressed in Lanvin. Les Modes, March 1909.


Eve Lavallière dressed in Parry (Jean Patou). Comoedia Illustre, 1912.

Les Modes mars 1909 Lantelme Lavalliere bal 200 le Roi

Eve Lavallière and Lantelme at masquerade gala dedicated to 200th performance of Le Roi. Les Modes, march 1909.

Lavalliere Les modes 05 1914

Eve Lavallière dressed in Jenny. Les Modes, May 1914.

More pictures at Gallica site: Eve Lavallière in Les ModesEve Lavallière in le Rire, Eve Lavallière in Reutlinger demonstration albums.

Lystra ad

Genevieve Lantelme in Lystra ad. Comoedia Illustre, 15 June 1910. File found on Gallica site (

On phis photo she is wearing Lanvin pink and white dress and a hat by Carlier (see other photos with tags Lanvin, Carlier).

If someone can provide a better quality scan of this photo and/or page, please contact me in comments.

Lantelme hats

Genevieve Lantelme in Les Modes, July 1910. Hat by Carlier. Photo by Felix. File source

Caption: Mme Lantelme. Chapeau de la maison Carlier. Chapeau de paille tagal rose borde de petit velours noir. Bandeau et ailes roses.

On this photo she is in the same pink and white Lanvin dress as in previous Les Modes issue.

Genevieve Lantelme in Les Modes, November 1910. Photo by Henri Manuel. File source

Caption: Mlle LANTELME du Vaudeville. — CHAPEAU DE SAISON —
Toque de velours, bordee d’une legere fourrure et d’un depassant blanc. Aigrette noire en arriere.

Lantelme and Lanvin

Genevieve Lantelme was a fashion icon of belle epoque. In fashion magazines there’s many photos of her wearing Paquin dresses and Marie-Louise hats . The fashion house of Paquin was indeed very popular, but it seems Lantelme liked also other designers. She appreciated the work of Madeleine Vionnet, and this photo of 1910 shows her in a dress by Jeanne Lanvin.

Genevieve Lantelme in Lanvin dress. Les Modes, June 1910. Photo by Felix. File source

Caption: Mme LANTELME du théâtre du Vaudeville. ROBE ET CAPUCHON
JEANNE LANVIN. Robe en tulle blanc brodé et soutaché sur fond rose. Ceinture bleu Sèvres et tons rococo. Capuchon en mousseline de soie rose. Cabochons Renaissance argent et mousseline rose.