a rare postcard

A rare and unseen postcard of Lantelme.



ad postcards for Maison Lewis

I didn’t see these postcards before. Geneviève Lantelme on ads/postcards for Maison Lewis, circa 1910/1911. The shop address is in London.

new pictures

Lantelme NL 3032 postcard

Lantelme. Postcard NL 3032.

Lantelme Gamine postcard Reutlinger

Lantelme. Postcard/ad LA GAMINE, 1911.

Felix Lantelme photo

Photo of Lantelme by Felix, circa 1910.

Lantelme postcards

Lantelme postcard FC 3

Postcard F.C.&Cie 3. Caption: Lantelme.

Lantelme postcard FC 22

Postcard F.C.&Cie 22. Caption: Lantelme. Photo by A.Bert. (Lantelme in a drama La Savelli)

Lantelme postcard FC 23

Postcard F.C.&Cie 23. Caption: Lantelme. Photo by A. Bert.

Pictures found via google and on delcampe.

more postcards

Scans of postcards from my collection.


Postcard SIP 97/1. Caption: Lanthelme. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1902).

This early postcard of young Lantelme was very popular – even now its different variations (tinted, not tinted etc.) are very easy to find online. The actress’ name is written with an ordinary mistake (Lanthelme instead of Lantelme).


Usually postcard collectors prefer postcards without written text, but I think every message is interesting because it’s a bit of ordinary life in this time.

lantelme-postcard-lanthelme-reutlinger-sip97-1 lantelme-postcard-lanthelme-reutlinger-sip97-1verso

Postcard SIP 97/1 (tinted variation).


Postcard series SIP, Collection artistique du VIN DESILES. Caption: Lantelme Th(éatre) Réjane. Photo by Reutlinger (Lantelme is wearing a crinoline dress for La Savelli play).

It was a series of ad postcards, with facsimiles of stars signatures and few lines written. Lantelme wrote: Le vin Désiles redonne la santé donc la joie, et vive la joie!!! Lantelme.


Postcard Eclair 46. Caption: Lanthelme. Photo by Nadar.


Postcard SW 0537. Caption: Lanthelme.


The message text.

lantelme-postcard-manuel-printed signature

Postcard with no number/publisher name. Lantelme is wearing here a gown by Vionnet. Caption: Lantelme. Photo by Manuel (circa 1909). On the left: facsimile of her sigtanure.


Postcard UDD 213. Caption: Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1906). Lantelme is in a dress by Doucet.


Message text.


Postcard printed in USA (series 107). Photo by Manuel (circa 1910). The name of Lantelme is not mentioned, but it’s her of course.


Postcard back.

2 postcards of Lantelme

2 postcards I didn’t see before (pictures found via google).


Postcard Croissant 3858.


Postcard KF 2313. Caption: Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1908).

postcard series SIP 173

Postcards from series SIP 173 show beautiful women as butterflies (papillons in French) and are signed Reutlinger (for photos) and John Laurent (for artistic work). I’ve found 6 postcards of this kind. Postcard 173/1 represents Lantelme. These papillon postcards seem to be very popular because they were published in many variations: tinted or b/w, with additional words (like Bonne annee – Happy New Year), etc.


Postcard SIP 173/1. Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1902).


Postcard SIP 173/2. Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/3. Mieris (?). Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/4. Dieterle (?). Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/5. Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/6. Photo by Reutlinger.

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