Georges Fouquet

If I were rich, very, very rich, I’d collect Art Nouveau jewels, but for the moment I can only collect pictures 🙂

I think jewels of this period are most beautiful, most artistic and most original. Georges Fouquet, René Lalique, Lucien Gaillard, Falize, Vever and others have shown the highest degree of what jewellery can be.

Actress Genevieve Lantelme (who can be considered as jewel collector) has preferred more traditional jewels, pearls, diamonds and platinum. However some early pictures show her with a Fouquet-like pendant. (I write Fouquet just because I prefer his jewels to the others, even to these created by Lalique).

Lantelme art nouveau pendant

Lantelme with an Art Nouveau pendant. Photo made by Reutlinger circa 1902 (detail).

I don’t know if it’s Fouquet, or Vever, or Lalique, but it’s a very typical Art Nouveau pendant.

Fouquet pendant landscape1  Fouquet pendant Fouquet pendant1 Fouquet pendant2a Fouquet pendant3 Fouquet pendant4 Fouquet pendant5 Fouquet pendant6 Fouquet pendant10 Fouquet pendant 1901

Pendants by Georges Fouquet created in various years.

Some more jewels by Georges Fouquet:

Art Nouveau necklace by Georges Fouquet

An Art Nouveau Enamel Emerald Pearl and Diamond Choker Necklace by Georges Fouquet circa 1910

A choker/necklace by Georges Fouquet.


Bodice ornament in gold with enamel turquoise abalone pearl and mother-of-pearl by George Fouquet Paris circa 1900

A bodice ornament by Georges Fouquet.

Fouquet bracelet1

A bracelet by Georges Fouquet.

FOUQUET brooch Fouquet brooch bee Fouquet brooch landscape

Brooches by Georges Fouquet.


A Waterfall pendant by Georges Fouquet. Design by Alphonse Mucha.


Fouquet brooch or pendant

Fouquet brooch orchid

Fouquet brooch peacoqs

Fouquet diadem

A diadem by Georges Fouquet.

Fouquet epingle les modes 1903-03

A hat pin by Georges Fouquet. Photo from Les Modes, March 1903.

Fouquet Mucha ornement de corsage

Fouquet necklace

Fouquet pendant brooch

Fouquet pendentif pissenlits les modes 1903-03

Fouquet ring


An evening purse by Georges Fouquet, circa 1900.

Fouquet magnificent bracelet

Fouquet for Sarah Bernhardt

A wonderful bracelet created for actress Sarah Bernhardt when she played Cleopatra.

Fouquet design3 Fouquet design1 Fouquet design2

Examples of Georges Fouquet jewels designs.

A little collection of jewels by Georges Fouquet can be seen at Paris Petit Palais museum, including Waterfall pendant. Few years ago they didn’t forbid to make photos (now photos inside the museum are forbidden):

Fouquet Petit Palais5 Fouquet bracelet Petit Palais Fouquet broche Petit Palais Fouquet pendant Petit Palais Fouquet Petit Palais Fouquet Petit Palais2 Fouquet Petit Palais3 Fouquet Petit Palais4

Jewels by Georges Fouquet at Petit Palais museum.

They also have a very nice Fuchsias necklace:

Fouquet Fuchsias Petit Palais 1905

Another photo:

Fouquet Fuchsias necklace

I think this necklace (created circa 1905) was a part of parure (jewel set), because there’s also a Fuchsias brooch in another collection:

Georges_Fouquet Fuchsias brooch

But my favourite jewel by Fouquet unfortunately can be seen only on an old b/w picture. And I wonder where this wonderful agrafe de corsage is now…


Agrafe de corsage “Glycines” (bodice clip Wisterias). Georges Fouquet, 1902. Diamonds, baroque pearls and amethysts.  Photo from Les Modes, July 1902.

Pictures found via google and at Gallica site.