a fan by de Feure

Here in my blog is a b/w photo of a fan by de Feure , but I think it’s much more interesting to see a full colour version. It’s another fan of course, but it’s very much in de Feure style.

de Feure fan Femme pres d un etang 1901-1905

Georges de Feure. Femme près d’un étang (A Lady near the Lake), circa 1901-1905.


de Feure again

As I mentioned Georges de Feure in my previous post, I think I should also show this picture.

Georges de Feure-Femme en rouge-1908-1910huilesurtoile

Georges de Feure. Femme en rouge (Woman in Red). Painted circa 1908/1910.

It’s not a portrait of Lantelme, but it seems it’s inspired by her and her style. She was very famous just in time when this wonderful picture has been painted.

I also think that the picture of Jeanne d’Arc by de Feure could have been inspired by Cleo de Merode:

cleoCPA3 de Feure Jeanne d Arc

And a little bonus:

de Feure gold fan

A jewel fan painted by de Feure and decorated with gold, emeralds, pearls and rubies. I could find a b/w picture only, and nobody knows where this fan is now 🙂

de Feure gold fan2

Another photo of the same fan in bigger resolution.

de Feure photo atelier

Georges de Feure at work.

Some files found at archive.org

a Belle Epoque book

A beautiful example of a Belle Epoque book: La Porte des Reves, by Marcel Schwob, with fantastic illustrations by Georges de Feure

Its title can be translated as A Door to Dreams.



A detail of a color illustration and a b/w illustration from the book. Files found at Gallica site.