a little joke of Truffaut

I’ve decided to make reviews of movies that in some way or another mention la Belle Epoque, a period between 1871 and 1914, and to me more interesting is the beginning of XX century. I think everybody watched Titanic, it’s the most popular movie about this time, but I’d like to begin with Jules et Jim (Jules and Jim) by French filmmaker François Truffaut.

As we know, Lantelme had never worked in cinema, but I discovered that Truffaut had used her photo in his movie. Jules (played by Oscar Werner) shows it to his friend and says it’s Lucie, his fiancée:

Jules et Jim-Lantelme-Lucie

Lantelme’s photo in Jules et Jim.

Jules et Jim

Jim (left) and Jules (right).

Jules is also in love with Brigitta, and she is “played” by… Cleo de Merode:

Jules et Jim-Cleo

Of course it’s a kind of joke of Truffaud, and I find it very elegant and stylish 🙂

Later Jules and Jim will fall in love with a girl played by Jeanne Morot:

Jules et Jim-Morot2

Jules et Jim-Jeanne Morot