scans from “La Vie Heureuse”, 1910/1911

Sometimes I see in magazines I scan interesting pictures or articles not linked with Lantelme destiny or people she knew. I think I’ll also show these pictures in my blog because I don’t want to create additional blogs for them 🙂

Here are few scans from a French family magazine called “La Vie Heureuse” (A Happy Life).

vie heureuse poiret1 mars1911 vie heureuse poiret2 mars1911 vie heureuse poiret3 mars1911

5 dresses by Paul Poiret. Scans from “La Vie Heureuse”, March 1911.

vie heureuse franz ferdinand sept1910

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, his wife and children in Belvedere palace, Vienna. Scans from “La Vie Heureuse”, September 1910.