3 versions of Anna Karenina

A little bonus: Anna Karenina then and now.

Andree Megard dans Anna Karenine Le Theatre 199 avril 1907

French actress Andrée Mégard as Anna Karenina in a Paris stage version of Tolstoy’s novel, 1907. Scan from Le Theatre # 199, April 1907.


An American version of Anna Karenina, also on the stage. The Theatre magazine, November 1907. File found at archive.org (Theatre magazine vol. 7).

Both stage versions were produced in the author’s lifetime.

Keira Anna Karenina01

Keira Anna Karenina03

Keira Anna Karenina04

English actress Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina in a movie of 2012.


One of Anna Karenina prototypes: Maria Gartung, the eldest daughter of famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.