early colour photos

Early colour photos (autochrome) on Gallica site (more than 500 pictures). Portraits, landscapes, flowers, castles etc. Photos taken circa 1907-1935.

flowers autochrome1907 Gallica

An unknown photographer. Flowers near the window. Photo taken on 30 June 1907 (see notes on picture).

Chouanard Orchids autochrome

Henri Chouanard. Orchids (Composition florale autour d’un paravent). Autochrome. UPD: Bulletin de la Société d’excursions des amateurs de photographie wrote about him in 1912: “Henri CHOUANARD, ingénieur, demeurant à Paris, 104, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière”. More info here.

Jean Reutlinger Lake in a forest autochrome

Jean Reutlinger. Lake in a forest. Photo made circa 1907-1914.

Clement Maurice autochrome lady circa1907

Clément Maurice. Portrait of a lady. Photo taken circa 1907-1911. Another photo of the same woman here. The landscape is painted and was used (I think) for b/w photos, but it doesn’t work at all for colour photos 🙂


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