les Arts Décoratifs

French site with a catalogue of documents from les Arts Décoratifs museum and library. Many documents are digitized and are available online.

Photos of Geneviève Lantelme here. Collection of photos by famous photographer Léopold Reutlinger is here.

Some photos of Geneviève Lantelme by Léopold Reutlinger:

M5053RE_01X00262_L M5053RE_01X00241_L

M5053RE_01X00252_L M5053RE_01X00254_L

I’d like to say a word about captions: they are not always correct. For example, this and this are not photos of Lantelme (there are photos of Marthe Regnier in a similar costume among Reutlinger photos, but I’m not sure she’s also on photos marked as Lantelme). And one photo of Simone Frevalles is in reality a photo of Geneviève Lantelme (photo found and identified by Corinne):

M5053RE_01X00143_L called Simone Frevalles


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