Lantelme by de Losques

More pictures of Lantelme by de Losques

De Losques 1907-05-19 Lantelme Zaza

Daniel de Losques. Actresses Daynes-Grassot, Lantelme and Rejane in Zaza (Le Figaro, 19 May 1907).

De Losques Lantelme Le Circuit1909-10-30

Daniel de Losques. Max Dearly, Brasseur and Lantelme in Le Circuit (Le Figaro, 30 Oct. 1909)


Daniel de Losques. Lantelme and Becman in Le Marchand de Bonheur (Le Figaro, 16 Oct. 1910)


Daniel de Losques. Abel Tarride, Lantelme and actress Margel in Le Viel Homme (Le Figaro, 13 Jan. 1911)

1911-06-03Lantelme Vlan

Daniel de Losques. Lantelme in V’lan! (Le Figaro, 3 June 1911) This is one of last pictures of Lantelme, and the flower in her hand seems to be blue hortensia.

For more pictures by de Losques, click the tag Daniel de Losques in my blog.


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