Daniel de Losques

Daniel de Losques (1880-1915) was a famous French caricaturist. I’ll write a post about him, and here’s a link to a book of his pictures: Daniel de Losques. Au palais de glace. (Ceux qui patinent. Ceux qui badinent.)

By the way, there’s a little problem with this book: BNF and google books insist it was created by de Losques, but some other sources say its author is Sem 🙂

Other pictures by de Losques:

De Losques Lantelme Trait d union1906-04-08int De Losques Lantelme Marthe Bourdier le Roi4

Lantelme La Gamine de Losques Lantelme affiche La Gamine de Losques 3

Daniel de Losques. Lantelme (3 pictures and a poster)

Lavalliere Les Petits de Losques Lavalliere Le Rire de Losques

lavalliere-figaro15-12-1909big Lavalliere le Rire 1904-11-19

Daniel de Losques. French actress Eve Lavallière.

Dearly Le Theatre 228

Daniel de Losques. Max Dearly in “Le Roi”.

Lavalliere Brasseur le theatre 228 juin 1908

Daniel de Losques. Lavallière and Brasseur on the cover of Le Theatre # 228.

femina-1914-01-01-de losques

The end of la Belle Epoque. Daniel de Losques. Cover of “Femina” (1 January 1914.)

A series of ad postcards by de Losques: here on my blog.


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