an unknown portrait of Lantelme

And a big surprise: a portrait of Lantelme, painted by Dutch painter Antoon van Welie in 1911.

It’s also called Elegante et son chien (see measurements and b/w photo here), and some people identified it as a portrait of Gaby Deslys, but it’s Lantelme, with her little dog and blue hortensias she loved.

Antoon van Welie Portrait of Lantelme 1911

Antoon van Welie. Portrait of Geneviève Lantelme, 1911 (picture found here).


Par Ricochet

Alfred Edwards, “Par ricochet” (1906) – 1st act only. In French of course 🙂 In this comedy Lantelme played Odette de Haupois.

Lantelme Les Modes 1906-03-Talbot1 ret

Lantelme in 1906 (photo from “Les Modes”).