Paul Poiret about Lantelme

“Words can only feebly express the exquisite beauty, perfection of face and natural charm and grace of Mlle. Lantelme. She was one of the Nature’s masterpieces of human perfection, and on such a woman any dress, hat or garment is becoming. Because this exquisite creature looked well in anything she chose to wear, other women, less favored by Nature, imitated her clothes, but not always with successful results“.

The whole text is here , in an American newspaper of 1931. If you don’t know 🙂 Paul Poiret was a famous fashion designer, and what he wrote about Lantelme and fashion is very interesting.

Also Paul Poiret mentions one of Lantelme’s dresses in a Persian style, created (not by him) for Les Trois Sultanes comedy:


By the way, there are few mistakes in the text: the author (or the translator) says Lantelme’s name was Lucie (instead of Genevieve), and her husband’s name was Charles (instead of Alfred).


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  1. Corinne S.
    Feb 16, 2015 @ 12:37:23

    Quelle découverte ! C’est une superbe série d’articles…
    Edwards s’appelait Alfred Charles, ce n’est donc pas vraiment une erreur 😉


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