postcard series SIP 173

Postcards from series SIP 173 show beautiful women as butterflies (papillons in French) and are signed Reutlinger (for photos) and John Laurent (for artistic work). I’ve found 6 postcards of this kind. Postcard 173/1 represents Lantelme. These papillon postcards seem to be very popular because they were published in many variations: tinted or b/w, with additional words (like Bonne annee – Happy New Year), etc.


Postcard SIP 173/1. Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1902).


Postcard SIP 173/2. Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/3. Mieris (?). Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/4. Dieterle (?). Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/5. Photo by Reutlinger.


Postcard SIP 173/6. Photo by Reutlinger.


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