Lantelme and Boldini: another portrait?

What do you think? Could a picture on the right be a portrait of Lantelme?

boldini-lantelme1907biggest boldini_signora con cappello di piume

Left: Giovanni Boldini. Mademoiselle Lantelme (1907, detail). Right: Giovanni Boldini. Signora con cappello di piume (detail). Sometimes this portrait is also called Il cappello.

I didn’t find any info about the portrait on the right, so if you have an info aboui it (or if you find a photo of the full picture Signora con cappello di piume, because there’s only a picture detail online), please let me know.

More pictures by Boldini:

Boldini Lantelme picture

Giovanni Boldini. Madame Lantelme.


Giovanni Boldini Elgante au chien

Giovanni Boldini. Elegante au chien (1907; I think it also could be a portrait of Lantelme, and the dog looks like one of her dogs).

Lantelme 23-10

Lantelme with her dog, photo made circa 1901/1902.


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