Lantelme postcards

Vintage postcards are often tinted, and this is an example of different variations.

Lantelme-postcardSIP194-5a Lantelme-postcardSIP194-5b

Postcard SIP 194/5. Caption: Lantelme. Gymnase. Photo by Reutlinger (1902; Lantelme in a comedy Secret de Polichinelle)


Lantelme postcards

Lantelme postcard SIP 155-15

Postcard SIP 155/15. Caption: Lantelme. Gymnase. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1903).

Lantelme postcard NPG 443-5

Postcard NPG 443/5. No caption (Lantelme is in the center). Photo by Reutlinger.

Lantelme postcard SIP 1352

Postcard SIP 1352. Caption: Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger.

Lantelme in Paris-New-York comedy

Paris-New-York was a comedy written by Francis de Croisset and Emmanuel Arène for Théatre Réjane in 1907. It wasn’t a big success, and Lantelme’s role was a very little one. Tired to perform insignificant roles, Lantelme had a violent quarrel with Réjane and even moved to Lyon, where she starred in Le Ruisseau (written by Pierre Wolff) and in classic Le Barbier de Seville.

Lantelme Paris New York2

Lantelme Paris New York 1907

Lantelme in Paris-New-York, 1907. Scans from Illustration Theatrale and from Le Theatre.

Just for comparison:

Giovanni Boldini Elgante au chien

Giovanni Boldini. Elegante au chien (1907).

Maybe it’s Lantelme, at least the profile and the jabot are very similar.

Lantelme and Boldini: another portrait?

What do you think? Could a picture on the right be a portrait of Lantelme?

boldini-lantelme1907biggest boldini_signora con cappello di piume

Left: Giovanni Boldini. Mademoiselle Lantelme (1907, detail). Right: Giovanni Boldini. Signora con cappello di piume (detail). Sometimes this portrait is also called Il cappello.

I didn’t find any info about the portrait on the right, so if you have an info aboui it (or if you find a photo of the full picture Signora con cappello di piume, because there’s only a picture detail online), please let me know.

More pictures by Boldini:

Boldini Lantelme picture

Giovanni Boldini. Madame Lantelme.


Giovanni Boldini Elgante au chien

Giovanni Boldini. Elegante au chien (1907; I think it also could be a portrait of Lantelme, and the dog looks like one of her dogs).

Lantelme 23-10

Lantelme with her dog, photo made circa 1901/1902.