more portraits of Lina Cavalieri

As I mentioned Lina Cavalieri in my previous posts, I should add more portraits of her including a painting found in St Petersburg.

Vittorio Corcos Lina Cavalieri 1903

Vittorio Corcos. Lina Cavalieri (1903)

Lina Cavalieri unknown portrait found in St Petersburg

Lina Cavalieri (unknown portrait found in St Petersburg)

Pietro Scoppetta Ritratto di Lina Cavalieri

Pietro Scoppetta. Ritratto di Lina Cavalieri (Portrait of Lina Cavalieri)

Photoplay March1919 Lina cover from a pastel portrait by W.Haskell Coffin

Lina Cavalieri (Photoplay March 1919 issue). Cover from a pastel portrait by W.Haskell Coffin.

And a bonus: an article from Photoplay, about Lina and her husband Lucien Muratore. (Files found on

Photoplay Lina1 Photoplay Lina2

Photoplay Lina3 Photoplay Lina4


Lina Cavalieri by Argnani and Corbella

More portraits of Lina Cavalieri by Antonio Argnani and Tito Corbella.

Antonio Argnani Woman in pearls(Lina Cavalieri)

Antonio Argnani. Woman in pearls (Lina Cavalieri).

Argnani Lina Cavalieri portrait1 Argnani Lina Cavalieri Vogue1929

Antonio Argnani. Two portraits of Lina Cavalieri. (The right one published in French Vogue, 1929; picture found on Gallica site).

These portraits were used in various ads with Lina between two World Wars:

Lina1 Argnani

Tito Corbella Cavalieri3 Tito Corbella Cavalieri2

Tito Corbella. Lina Cavalieri (movie poster) and a detail.

Lina Cavalieri Corbella

Tito Corbella. Lina Cavalieri (picture from a postcard).

And a bonus:

Argnani Gaby Deslys

Antonio Argnani. Gaby Deslys.

More pictures by Argnani here.