portraits of Belle Epoque stars (part 2)

When I started to write about Belle Epoque beauties portraits, I didn’t think I could find so many pictures. Unfortunately a lot of paintings (including very good ones)  desappeared, and now we have only b/w photos from magazines and postcards. Few painters – and even Paris Salon stars – are now completely forgotten, and even wiki can’t tell a word about them…

Anaway, here are portraits of actresses and singers, mostly French ones. (Lina Cavalieri was Italian but had a worldwide fame.)

Lina Cavalieri

Boldini - Il cappellino nuovo - Lina Cavalieri

Giovanni Boldini. Il cappellino nuovo (Ritratto di Lina Cavalieri) / New hat (Portrait of Lina Cavalieri)

Boldini Lina Cavalieri3 Giovanni Boldini: Testa di giovane su fondo rosa

Giovanni Boldini. 2 portraits of Lina Cavalieri.

de la Gandara Lina Cavalieri lesarts1912

Antonio de la Gandara. Portrait of Lina Cavalieri (photo from Les Arts magazine, 1912).

Gaby Deslys

Gaby portrait pc

W. Malherbe (William Malherbe ?) Portrait of Gaby Deslys

Etienne Drian Gaby Deslys1 Etienne Drian Gaby Deslys2

Etienne Drian. 2 pictures of Gaby Deslys.

Erte Gaby Deslys NPG D3613; Gaby Deslys as The Charm of Paris in 'New Aladdin' by Cecil Beaton

Gaby Deslys by: Erte (left) and Cecil Beaton (right).

Jane Renouardt

Boldini - L'attrice Jeanne Renouardt

Giovanni Boldini. Portrait of Jane Renouardt.


Edouard Vuillard. Portrait of Jane Renouardt, first version

Vuillard Jane Renouardt

Edouard Vuillard. Portrait of Jane Renouardt (b/w postcard)


Edouard Vuillard. 2 pictures of Jane Renouardt


Gustave Brisgand. Jane Renouardt.

Gandara Renouardt

Antonio de la Gandara. Portrait of Jane Renouardt.

Gilda Darthy

Gilda Darthy (oil on canvas)

Jacques Emile Blanche. Portrait of Gilda Darthy.

Geneviève Vix

Vix cover

Jean Coraboeuf. Portrait of Geneviève Vix (from Le Theatre cover).

van dongen mlle genevieve vix dans le role de salome

Kees van Dongen. Mlle Geneviève Vix dans le role de Salomé

Genevieve Vix (1926) by P Godard

P. Godard. Geneviève Vix (1926)

Berthe Cerny

Cayron, Jules. Berthe Cerny XIR234189 Cayron Berthe Cerny salon 1907

Jules Cayron. 3 pictures of Berthe Cerny

Yvonne de Bray

Yvonne de Bray Boldini Helleu-Yvonne de Bray

Yvonne de Bray by Boldini (left) and Helleu (right)

Madeleine Dolley


Helleu. Madeleine Dolley

Gandara Madeleine Dolley

Antonio de la Gandara. Madeleine Dolley.

And some more pictures:


Helleu. Mademoiselle Harlay

Helleu Marcelle Lender

Helleu. Marcelle Lender

Argnani Madeleine Carlier

Argnani. Madeleine Carlier


(Robert ?) Sauber. Portrait of Gabrielle Dorziat (photo from Femina cover, 1914).

Farre Regina Badet lesarts 1910

H. Farré. Régina Badet (photo from Les Arts magazine, 1910).

Caro-Delvaille Vallandri lesarts1910

Caro-Delvaille. Portrait of Vallandri (photo from Les Arts magazine, 1910).

Humbert Marthe Regnier lesarts1909

F. Humbert. Marthe Regnier (photo from Les Arts magazine, 1909)

Guirand de Scevola Aida Boni les arts1913

Guirand de Scevola. Aida Boni (photo from Les Arts magazine, 1913)

Pictures found via google, also on archive.org, Gallica, delcampe and flickr sites.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Corinne S.
    Oct 08, 2014 @ 16:23:59

    Superbe galerie de portraits, notamment ceux peints par Boldini.
    Celui de Geneviève Vix par Van Dongen est charmant aussi, je trouve.
    Quant à Helleu…il a du goût pour les jolies femmes, mais il sait bien embellir la nature, quelquefois. 😉


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