Lantelme postcards: “Langage secret du timbre” series

Photos of Geneviève Lantelme figure on 2 postcards from “Langage secret du timbre” series (“The secret language of stamps”). This kind of postcards about secret language of flowers, fans, stamps etc. seem to be very popular during la Belle Epoque. Postcards with Lantelme photos were issued by “Croissant” (not named, but it’s their logo) circa 1907.

Lantelme postcard langage timbre

Geneviève Lantelme on “Langage secret du timbre” postcard (in the center). A similar photo was used for “Les Modes” cover in 1907.


And here Lantelme is on a “stamp” on the left (“Pas du tout”).

Other postcards from this series:

serie timbres02

serie timbres-colonna

The actress on the postcard above is Colonna Romano.

serie timbres05