fashion dolls

ci 01 01 1911-dolls

When few months ago I published on my blog this scan with photos of Belle Epoque fashion dolls, I knew nothing about them, but Corinne helped me to find some information. These fashion dolls (poupées élégantes) seem to be very popular in France circa 1900/1914. They were made from wax and generally were Barbie size.

Here is an article about fashion dolls, in French, from “Femina” magazine, December 1912: page 1    page 2 (unfortunately the scan is in b/w though pictures should be in colour)

The most known dolls of this kind seem to be dolls made by Lafitte Désirat, but I’ve found also photos of dolls made by Maison Rouzaud (scan from “Comoedia Illustré”):

dolls rouzaud

(On this page you can also see an excellent sac de théatre by Louis Vuitton 🙂

And one more photo of dolls from a Spanish magazine (“La Moda Elegante”, 1911):

La Moda elegante 30-5-1911 dolls

Metropolitan museum has a collection of Lafitte Désirat fashion dolls (many thanks to Corinne for links!)

fashion doll03 fashion doll03back

fashion doll14 fashion doll14back

fashion doll18 fashion doll18back

fashion doll23 fashion doll23back

fashion doll22 fashion doll22back

fashion doll108 fashion doll108back

fashion doll40 fashion doll40back

fashion doll44 fashion doll44back

fashion doll30 fashion doll08 fashion doll09 fashion doll10 fashion doll12 fashion doll15 fashion doll24 fashion doll25 fashion doll28 fashion doll29fashion doll59 fashion doll33 fashion doll39 fashion doll46 fashion doll49 fashion doll50 fashion doll51 fashion doll52 fashion doll55 fashion doll56 fashion doll57


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