postcard series “Les Bijoux”

I wasn’t surprised when I discovered a photo of Lantelme on a postcard from “Les Bijoux” (“Jewels”) series 🙂 This series was issued by SIP circa 1903 and included 8 postcards. Photos are without captions, but some faces are still recognizable.

les bijoux 117-1

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/1, “Pendant Email Perles Fines”. Photo of Eve Lavallière.

les bijoux 117-2

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/2, “Broche Or Ciselé”.

les bijoux 117-3

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/3, “Peigne Or Ciselé”. Photo of Caroline Otero.

les bijoux 117-4

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/4, “Epingle A Cheveux”.

les bijoux 117-5

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/5, “Pendant de Collier”.

Lantelme postcard les bijoux 117-6

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/6, “Broche Pendentif Or Ciselé”. Photo of Geneviève Lantelme.

les bijoux 117-7

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/7, “Peigne Ecaille & Or”.

les bijoux 117-8

Postcard “Les Bijoux” # 117/8, “Miroir Breloque”. Photo of Cleo de Merode.

Scan by me, other pictures found via google.


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