Alphabet charade Boyer Croissant

ABC postcard series, when one postcard represents one letter, seem to be very popular before I World War. In fact these postcards showed letters as sophisticated collages and often used photos of beautiful ladies of la Belle Epoque. Today I’d like to talk about a series where we can see Lantelme among others. I called this series “alphabet charade Boyer Croissant”, because it was published by “Croissant” circa 1907 and used photos made by photographer Paul Boyer. I also use the word charade, because on every postcard we can see flowers (or plants) beginning with the same letter (in French of course) as the big letter. Unfortunately the ladies photos are without names, and I didn’t recognize some flowers, so any help is welcome!

Postcards of this ABC series were printed in slightly different versions using not only a big letter but also names, cities and phrases beginning with this letter. Lantelme’s photo is on the postcard with letter B (and its versions).

Some postcards with rarely used initial letters are without flowers, with pictures of landscapes (just because there are no flowers in French beginning with this letter). And I have to say I couldn’t find letters Q, W and X.

lettre A-anemone scan

A, anémone, amandier

lettre A-anemone-Alencon

A: D’Alençon je vous envoie ces fleurs

Lantelme postcard letter B

B, bleuet, boule de neige. Photo of Lantelme.

lettre B-bleuet-boule de neige-Blaye-Lantelme-scan

B: Souvenir de Blaye

lettre B-bleuet-Lantelme-bonne fete

B: Bonne Fête

lettre B baisers et remerciements

B: Baisers et remerciements

lettre C chrysanteme

C, chrysanthème, chèvrefeuille

lettre D-dahlia

D, dahlia. De la part d’ume amie

lettre E eglantine

E, églantine

lettre F-fuchsias

F, fuchsia

lettre F les fleurs passent

F: Les fleurs passent, l’amitié reste

lettre G-Germaine-glycine-geranium

G, glycine, géranium. Germaine

lettre G gage d amitie sincere

G: Gage d’amitié sincère

lettre G Grenelle

G: Un bonjour de Grenelle

lettre H-houx-Hading

H, houx. Photo of actress Jane Hading (?)

lettre I-iris scan

I, iris

lettre J

J, jasmin de Virginie

lettre J-joyeux noel

J: Joyeux Noël

lettre K


lettre L-Louis-lys-lierre

L, lis, lierre. Louis

lettre L-Louise-lys-lierre

L: Louise

lettre M-Marthe-muguet-myosotis-marguerite

M, muguet, myosotis, marguerite. Marthe

I’ve seen on internet also versions with Marie and Marguerite, but can’t find them now.

lettre N nympheas

N, nymphéa

lettre O-oeillet

O, œillet

lettre P-pensees

P, pensée

lettre R-rec fl et amit

R, rose. Recevez ces fleurs et mes amitiés

lettre R Rigalet

R: Souvenir du Rigalet

lettre R-rec meil souh

R: Recevez mes meilleurs souhaits

lettre R-rose-rec fl anniv

R: Recevez ces fleurs pour votre anniversaire

lettre R-rose-remerciements

R: Remerciements

lettre S

S, seringat

lettre S-Suzanne

S: Suzanne

lettre T Toutain tulipe trefle

T, tulipe, trèfle. Photo of Blanche Toutain (I’m not sure).

lettre U


lettre V violette volubilis

V, violette, volubilis. Votre souvenir m’a fait bien plaisir

lettre Y


lettre Z


Scans by me, other pictures found on delcampe.

UPD: many thinks to Corinne for naming the flowers I didn’t recognize!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Corinne S.
    May 24, 2014 @ 10:31:23

    Que c’est charmant…
    A comme Amandier (mais les feuilles ne sont pas très ressemblantes)
    C comme Chèvrefeuille (en haut de la carte)
    J comme Jasmin de Virginie, appelée maintenant Bignone (ma grand-mère nommait cette plante “Doigts de dame” (à cause de la forme des fleurs qui rappelait des doigts gantés)
    S comme Seringat

    Pour Lantelme, on aurait pu proposer H comme Hortensia…


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