postcards with photos of Geneviève Lantelme

According to the info I have, at least 70 postcards with Lantelme’s photos were issued, mostly in 1901/1911 and mostly in France. Some of them can be easily found and some are rare, some are with a name of Lantelme and some with its erroneous variations (like Lanthelme or Lanteline), and some have no name at all, though represent her.

I’ll try to show in my blog all the postcards scans I have, and I think that 70 postcards isn’t an ultimate quantity because every year some unknown postcards appear here and there on the internet.


Postcard SIP 2075. Caption: Lantelme. This pistcard also has a logo Boyer & Bert. Paul Boyer was a photographer and, as we know, a friend of Lantelme. Photo made circa 1908.


Postcard SIP 1899. Caption: Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger, made in 1909.


Postcard SIP 1189, a two-part collage dedicated to the city of Menton, France. Photo by Reutlinger. Captions: Darmières (upper photo), Lanthelme (lower photo). Photo made circa 1901.