Being Julia (2004)

It’s a film adaptation of Theatre, one of best novels by W. Somerset Maugham. I think the director adored the book and wanted to create a correct – well, let’s call it correct translation to the language of cinema. And as I am an admirer of the novel, I like very much this approach 🙂

Both movie and novel are about theatre people, about an actress who falls in love with an insignificant young man, and about theatre again. It’s a kind of competition: who will win, life or theatre?

All the actors work as one wonderful team. Maybe Jeremy Irons and Michael Gambon are particularly good, but Annette Benning really surprised me – she was just splendid as Julia.

teatre16 teatre02 teatre03 teatre04 teatre05 teatre06 teatre07 teatre08 teatre09 teatre10 teatre11 teatre12 teatre14 teatre15

Though the film is not about Belle Epoque (heroes live and act in 1938), it’s always a pleasure to see excellent actors in a good movie. And if you didn’t read Theatre before, read it. Maugham himself worked many years as dramatist and mentioned many interesting moments in his novel.


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