The Wings of the Dove (1997)

It’s also a film adaptation, this time of a novel by Henry James. Well, historical movies about Belle Epoque are often adaptations, and if we want to see what this distant time was like, cinema can offer an imitation.

Costumes in this movie are very good:

wings28 dove wings01 wings02 wings03 wings04 wings05  wings07 wings08 wings09 wings10 wings11 wings12 wings14 wings15 wings16 wings17 wings18 wings19 wings20 wings21 wings22 wings23 wings24 wings25 wings26

And the heroes come in Venice (I love Venice). And Helena Bonham Carter is a very good actress, and there’s also Michael Gambon, I like his works very much, but – but I didn’t like this movie.

I think a movie about the passion should be made with passion, but this movie is cold. And the second problem is, I think, a problem created by Henry James. He wants to make me believe that a reporter in this time cannot earn enough to have a family, but it’s not true. Of course he and his wife wouldn’t live like millionaires, but they could marry and live a normal life.


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