Le Theatre # 291

An article about Le Vieil Homme from Le Theatre, 1 February 1911. One of last Lantelme sucesses: she played femme fatale in a drama about modern family. Actress Simone played the wife, her impressions about the play and the work with Lantelme are here.


Lantelme on the cover of Le Theatre magazine.

theatre291-1fev1911-1 theatre291-1fev1911-2 theatre291-1fev1911-3 theatre291-1fev1911-4lant theatre291-1fev1911-5 theatre291-1fev1911-6 theatre291-1fev1911-7

Scans of the article and photos.

I liked very much the portrait of Simone by Henry Caro-Delvaille, and here is the colour version:


Henry Caro-Delvaille. Portrait of madame Simone, circa 1911. The dress she wears must be by Doucet (he is mentioned in her book) and is very much in his elegant and exquisite style.


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