Illustration Théatrale

Link to a scanned volume of Illustration Théatrale, French magazine that published plays and some photos:

First text in the volume is first half of Le Vieil Homme (The Old Man) by Porto-Riche, one of last plays where Lantelme starred. Full text (without photos) is here.

There’s also L’Enfant de l’Amour that Lantelme watched (see Simone‘s text), because her lover André Brulé starred in this play; Les Petits and Ma Tante d’Honfleur with Eve Lavallière, and few other texts.

The scan & text quality is not perfect (online note: “Near impossible margins; some pages the physical text runs off the bottom of the page and lines or half-lines are missing from the book itself”).


Rehearsal of Le Vieil Homme. Scan from Femina, 15 December 1910. Lantelme is second on the right. The last one on the right is Alice Vermell (or Vermel, Vermeil – spellings are different. Here she’s called Vernell). This actress was one of few guests at the yacht L’Aimée in July 1911 and could know why Lantelme died. At the trial (when Lantelme’s husband Alfred Edwards was accused of murder) she supported the version of accident.

On the same photo we also see writer Porto-Riche, madame Simone and other actors.


Lantelme by Sem, scan from L’Illustration (1911).

Few other volumes of Illustration Theatrale at site: volume 1, volume 3, volume 5.


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