the end of la Belle Epoque

Few pictures from Femina magazine, found at Gallica. It’s the end of la Belle Epoque, first months of 1914. Soon World War I will destroy this elegant and beautiful world, and everything will change, including the fashion.


Fashion in 1914, drawing by Georges Lepape, in style of Italian comedy. (Femina, 1 January 1914).


Shoes in 1914, drawing by Gosé. (Femina, 15 January 1914).

femina-1914-01-01-de losques

Dance (maxixe), by de Losques. Femina, 1 January 1914.

femina-1914-02-15-tango parfum pub

Dance and perfume: an ad for Tango perfume, by Gabilla perfumeries. Femina, 15 February 1914.

Femina 15 April 1914 queens of fashion

Last but not least: Les reines de la mode depuis 10 ans (fashion queens of previous 10 years). Femina, 15 April 1914. As we see, Lantelme is also mentioned among these 10 queens…


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