perfume ads in 1911

I think it will be interesting to see what perfume ads of belle époque were like. I have a huge volume of French Femina magazine, one of most popular before World War I. I couldn’t make scans (the volume is too big and heavy for my scanner), so I made photos.

All ads were published in 1911. As we can see, photos are rather rare, and Séduction advertising campain is exceptional not only because they used star photos, but also because they changed 5 stars in one year (I don’t think something like this can happen now!)

P1300267 P1300227

Perfumes by Gueldy.


Djer-Kiss by Kerkoff.



Perfumes Daver (design is a copy of Gueldy’s).



Perfumes by Piver: a nice ad in art nouveau style.



Majestic by Houbigant.


Roses d’Orsay by d’Orsay.


Gregoria by Rigaud.


Perfumes Godet.

P1300239 P1300241 P1300242

Ideal by Houbigant, Esperis by Piver, an ad for perfumes Lubin.

P1300243 P1300244

Thisbé by Pinaud and Coeur de Jeannette by Houbigant.

P1300246 P1300247

An ad for perfumes Piver in art nouveau style and a very simple ad for Séduction.

P1300248 P1300250

Brise de Mai by Pinaud and an ad for Gueldy perfumes.

P1300251 P1300252 P1300253

Royal Cyclamen by Houbigant, Les Roses d’Orsay, parfums Lubin.

P1300254 P1300255

Marie Louise Derval and Marcelle Yrven in ads for Séduction.

P1300256 P1300257

Ads for perfumes Lubin.

P1300258 P1300259

Perfumes Gabilla and Maroussia Destrelle in an ad for Séduction.

P1300260 P1300261

Perfumes Plassard; Arlette Dorgere in an ad for Séduction.


Miss Chenal in an ad for perfumes Godet.

P1300263 P1300266

Regina Badet for Séduction and a rococo style ad for Séduction too.

I guess none of these perfume companies and none of these perfumes survived, they are now all in history. By the way I found no ads of Guerlain in Femina magazine, but looks like Guerlain had preferred more distinguished revue Les Modes (I’ve seen their ads there).

And some modern fragrance adverts for comparison:

keira-knightley-perfume-ad cate-blanchett-armani-fragrance-ad eva_green_perfume ad

Keira Knightley, Cate Blanchett and Eva Green in different fragrance adverts.


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  1. fbarreto
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 23:26:53

    Very interesting this article.


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