an ad for Seduction parfum

Knowing that Lantelme had been one of stars of ads for French perfume Séduction (by Gellé frères) I tried to find something more about this forgotten fragrance. (Looks like it was very popular because almost all the stars participated in its advertising campaign, and this campaign lasted many months).


Lantelme in an ad for Séduction, 1910, scan from Femina magazine.

Finally I could find an almost empty bottle of Séduction, and if I’m right it was a nice floral fragrance, a kind (or rather an ancestor) of modern perfume bestsellers that anyone can like, but though charming they lack for any original trait. There’s an image of a woman head on the bottle (Marie-Antoinette?).



Séduction perfume bottle.

The box was much more expensive, I don’t know why 🙂 So I have only few photos of this box outside and inside.

seduction perfume box

seduction perfume box3

seduction perfume box2

Séduction perfume box.

Another version of the foto for ad with Lantelme is published in a Spanish magazine issue:

Mundial June 1911-Lantelme page4

I’m curious what exactly she’s doing: pouring perfume from a big bottle to a spray bottle? What do you think?


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