new photos at Gallica

Many new Reutlinger albums with photos of Lantelme online: Lantelme dans les Albums Reutlinger – 11 results

Please use online zoom to see all details in hi res.

Also there’s 4 additional photos in Album 47 where the actress is called Lentelme instead of Lantelme.

All Reutlinger albums online here

In other albums there’s photos of belle epoque stars, such as Cleo de Merode, Lina Cavalieri, Eve Lavallière and others.

Lantelme 51-13

Lantelme in Le Roi, circa 1908. Photo from album 51.

Lantelme 56-10

Photo from album 56, circa 1910-1911.

Lantelme 58-16

Lantelme in La Gamine, 1911. Photo from album 58.

Lantelme 52-01

A rare photo where Lantelme is smiling, from album 52. And what a veil!


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