Lantelme’s birthday

One of readers of my blog, Corinne, has found the exact date of Lantelme’s birthday.

And that’s a big surprise!

Because she was born on 26 October 1880 as Suzanne Madeleine Thérèse Fossey, at her parents apartment n°60 rue de Dunkerque (Paris IX).

Her father was Jules Edouard Fossey (32 years) and mother Claire Marie Naincy Lantelme (22 years). They married in Paris on 3 June 1876. And Anatole Lantelme, professor of music and composer, is the grandfather of our Ginette.

The Fossey couple had 3 daughters: Isabelle Inès Rose Marie Fossey (born on 17 July 1879), Suzanne Madeleine Thérèse (future Genevieve Lantelme) and Marie Thérèse Louise Claire (born on 6 September 1888). The parents divorced on 28 November 1895.

You can see all details online here: Archives numérisées –

Now we know why she has chosen Lantelme as her stage name. And if you believe in Zodiac signs, she was a Scorpio, and born under this sign are very charismatic, passionate and filled with desire 🙂

UPD December 2013: it’s a birth certificate of Lantelme’s sister.

Lantelme was born on 20 May 1883 in Paris XVIII as Mathilde Hortense Claire Fossey (see the document scan in Paris online archives)


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