Un Vendredi au Salon des Artistes français

It’s a picture created by French painter Jules-Alexandre Grün for the Salon of 1911, and this picture was considered as one of best of this Salon. French state has immidiately bought it, and it’s now in Musée des Beaux-Arts of the city of Rouen.

Now this painter is forgotten, as well as most people he painted on his overcrowded and gigantic canvas. The only interest for us is Geneviève Lantelme painted in the center.






And her jewels. I see here her favourite ring, a necklace (of nephrites? of jades?) and a bracelet. As the picture was for show, we can be sure Ginette has put on her favourite jewels, dress and hat. Note also a sort of silk cape with a lilac border.




The whole picture on the museum site: http://www.rouen-musees.com/Musee-des-Beaux-Arts/Les-collections/Le-salon-Un-Vendredi-au-Salon-des-Artistes-francais-105.htm

We know Grün painted also a portrait of Lantelme, but we don’t know where it is now. Also desappeared portraits painted by Van Dongen and Pierre Bracquemond.


2 photos from La Gamine

La Gamine Mundial May 1911-1

Authors of La Gamine Pierre Veber and Henry de Gorsse with actors.

La Gamine Mundial May 1911-2

La Gamine, second act. Photos found in Spanish Mundial magazine, May 1911.