Lantelme in La Gamine

Lantelme La Gamine 2 parts com y com 5-1911

Lantelme in a comedy La Gamine. Dress by Paquin. Coloured photo from Comedias y Comediantes, May 1911. A missing part (in the center) of this 2-page picture has been restored. (The name spelling here is also wrong.)


Lantelme in a hat

Lantelme chapeau com y com 3-1911

Lantelme in one of her hats. Coloured photo from Comedias y Comediantes, March 1911. The spelling of her name here is incorrect (Lautelme instead of Lantelme).

Lantelme in Les Trois Sultanes

Lantelme profil com y com 6-1911

Lantelme in Les Trois Sultanes, a comedy by Favart played at Paris Odeon theatre. Photo from Spanish magazine Comedias y Comediantes, June 1911.

I think the hair color is incorrect – Lantelme had more reddish hair at this time… looks like the person who has painted b/w photo  for Comedias y Comediantes has chosen more Spanish colours 🙂

an article from Mundial magazine (June 1911)

Mundial June 1911-Lantelme page1

Mundial June 1911-Lantelme page2

Mundial June 1911-Lantelme page3


Mundial June 1911-Lantelme page4


Mundial June 1911-Lantelme page5

An article about Lantelme from Spanish Mundial magazine, June 1911. Found on the web 🙂

Last page photo is from the comedy La Gamine, the photo on the page 4 is an ad for French perfume Seduction.