Lantelme about Vionnet

The autograph given by Lantelme to Madeleine Vionnet shows how deeply the actress appreciated her work as designer:

Text: “Madeleine aime faire des robes comme nous aimons nous autres faire un beau role et c’est une grande artiste! Lantelme”. (Madeleine loves to design dresses as we actors like to play a good part and she’s a great artist! Lantelme)

Picture source:


near the mirror

One of best photos. Lantelme near the mirror. Scan from Caravan magazine. Photo by Henri Manuel. There’s also a postcard with this photo. I suppose the photo is taken at her house rue Constantine, and she is possibly wearing a  déshabillé designed by Vionnet (but I’m not sure). Anyway the gown looks fantastic.

UPD. I love google… Just few minutes later I found this: 

It’s really Vionnet (for maison Doucet). And here is the full gown:

Picture source

La Gamine

Lantelme in La Gamine.  Scan from Comoedia Illustre, 1 April 1911. Photo by Henri Manuel.  Dress by Paquin.

L’Archiduc Paul

This is first photo with Lantelme published in a wonderful Le Theatre revue. Scan from Le Theatre # 80, 15 April 1902.

The play is called L’Archiduc Paul, a comedy about illyrian aristocracy. (Illyria is an imaginary country of 19 century invented by French writer Alphonse Daudet in his novel Les Rois en Exil and later used by other French writers.)

On the photo Lantelme is on the right, the other actors are Jeanne Rolly, Darcourt and Matrat.

more Lewis hats

Two photos of Lantelme in hats by Lewis. Scan from Comoedia Illustre, 1 February 1911.

Lantelme ad (Lewis)

Lantelme in a stunning hat by Lewis (16, rue Royale). Scanned from theatre program of La Gamine play.

hats again

Lantelme in hats by Suzanne Weiss. Scan from Comoedia Illustre, 1 November 1910. Photos by Manuel.

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