Few weeks before the accident, in May 1911 the popupar newspaper l’Illustration published few sketches, drawned by famous Sem. Among them was also a picture of Lantelme. She was represented as a fish.

Two months later she fell from her husband’s yacht (according to one of versions) and drowned.

Of course, it’s a coincidence, but this funny picture looks now very sad, as we know the end of the story.

Mlle Lantelme, by Sem. Scan from L’Illustration, # 3561, 27 May 1911.

Other caricatures from the same issue:

Henri de Regnier.

Writer Pierre Wolff. Lantelme starred in his plays Le Secret de Polichinelle and L’Age d’Aimer.

Comtesse de Noailles.

Adrien Hebrard.

This person is very well known. It’s Alfred Edwards, Lantelme husband and possibly the man who murdered her.

Some more staff about Sem:

Sem by himself, pictured with actress Eve Lavalliere; Eve is
in a dress by Paul Poiret. Scan from Le Theatre # 286, 15 November 1910.

Sem by Boldini. File found on

I like more this portrait by Boldini. Les Modes, July 1902. File source

F. Flameng. Sem au Pesage. Les Modes, June 1914. File source


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