100 years

100 years since she was gone…

Genevieve Lantelme postcard. About 1911. Photo by Reutlinger. File source http://www.delcampe.net

She desappeared from the yacht L’Aimee (The Loved One) in the night of 24/25 July 1911. Her death remained a mystery. Few hours before she looked happy and full of joy, and none of her friend could admit a version of suicide. Many people, and among them a writer Leon Daudet, have spoken about a murder, and only few believed it was an accident.

Young actress: Genevieve Lantelme as Genevieve in the play Le Secret de Polichinelle by Pierre Wolff. Scan from Le Theatre #100, 15 February 1903.

One of first magazine covers: Genevieve Lantelme from Rejane theatre. Cover of Les Modes, April 1907.

Genevieve Lantelme as Marthe Bourdier in Le Roi, a comedy that will make her a star. Scan from Le Theatre cover, # 238, 15 November 1908.

Genevieve Lantelme in Le Costaud des Epinettes, 1910. Foto from American magazine The Theatre. Here one can see Lantelme in a wonderful dress by Madeleine Vionnet. File source http://www.archive.org

A superstar: Genevieve Lantelme on the cover of Comoedia Illustre,1 November 1910, as Ginette Dubreuil in Le Marchand de Bonheur.. Dress by Paquin.

A fashion icon. Scan from Comoedia Illustre, 15 March 1911. Hats by Suzanne Weiss.

Genevieve Lantelme in The Theatre, 1911. File source http://www.archive.org. On the right is the note in English written by her; she promises to play La Gamine (a comedy by Veber et Gorsse)  in New York. Petronius is the pseudonym of European reporter of The Theatre. This note is written about April 1911, few months before her  death.

One of last photos, published in Femina # 254 (August 1911).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yannartiste
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 09:36:20

    Yes it is 100 years today.
    I will go today and put a flower on her grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetary.
    She was too young too die.


    • verbinina
      Jul 25, 2011 @ 09:47:00

      ah, c’est tres bien, les fleurs! je voudrais etre a Paris ce jour-la, mais c’est pas possible

      a propos, ou est sa tombe? j’ai lu sur l’internet qu’on l’a transferee dans une autre division de Pere-Lachaise et qu’elle n’est plus dans le caveau Edwards, mais ces gens ont ecrit son nom comme Lanthelme, et leur info devrait etre verifiee.


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