Lantelme by Nadar

Geneviève Lantelme. Photo by Nadar, 1907 (?). Scan from Paris Match # 1805, 30 December 1983.

One of Lantelme photos by famous Nadar. He took photos of both Lantelme actresses. One was Marie Lantelme who played in 1883-1894. Figaro (5 June 1894 issue) says “mlle Marie Lantelme quitte le theatre pour epouser M. Deglise” – miss Marie Lantelme leaves the theatre because she will marry mister Deglise. After that there’s no more news of this actress who played in many plays, including Le Prince du Soliel and Adam et Eve.

The other Lantelme is “my” Lantelme, Geneviève Lantelme called Ginette, born about 1882 and drawned in the Rhine in the night 24/25 July 1911.


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  1. yann
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 21:35:29

    I have an original photo of Lantelme by Nadar.

    It’s not very glamour but very interesting.


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