Lantelme and Lanvin

Genevieve Lantelme was a fashion icon of belle epoque. In fashion magazines there’s many photos of her wearing Paquin dresses and Marie-Louise hats . The fashion house of Paquin was indeed very popular, but it seems Lantelme liked also other designers. She appreciated the work of Madeleine Vionnet, and this photo of 1910 shows her in a dress by Jeanne Lanvin.

Genevieve Lantelme in Lanvin dress. Les Modes, June 1910. Photo by Felix. File source

Caption: Mme LANTELME du théâtre du Vaudeville. ROBE ET CAPUCHON
JEANNE LANVIN. Robe en tulle blanc brodé et soutaché sur fond rose. Ceinture bleu Sèvres et tons rococo. Capuchon en mousseline de soie rose. Cabochons Renaissance argent et mousseline rose.


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