Lantelme winter look

Genevieve Lantelme in Les Modes, January 1910. Hat by Marie-Louise. Classic winter look – furs, big hat and her favourite jewels. She loved pearls , rings, bracelets and platinum.


Lantelme in 1908

Genevieve Lantelme in Les Modes magazine, november 1908, file source In 1908 she becomes a star while playing in the extremely sucessful comedy Le Roi by Caillavet, de Flers and Arene. In this play Lantelme played Marthe Bourdier called Youyou, a wife of politician who becomes the mistress of an excentric foreign king.

But Lantelme wasn’t first actress who played Youyou. First was very famous superstar Eve Lavalliere. Lantelme played instead of her when tLe Roi was played in Brussels (after Paris presentations). Later Le Roi came back to Paris with Lantelme as Marthe.

Le Roi was one of biggest French theatre successes, it had more than 500 presentations, and Lantelme played in 300 of them.

Lantelme in Le Circuit

Genevieve Lantelme in the play Le Circuit, 1909. Scanned from Le Circuit theatre program.

It’s one of very rare photos where Lantelme is without hat and where we can see her long beautiful hair.

Lantelme-colorized photo

The beginning of 20 century was a time of black and white photo. However the magazines of belle epoque had a possibility to publish full-color pictures. And almost every number of Les Modes included a cover in color and two colorized photos inside.

This is a colorized photo of Genevieve Lantelme from November 1908 issue. File source

Lantelme and Lanvin

Genevieve Lantelme was a fashion icon of belle epoque. In fashion magazines there’s many photos of her wearing Paquin dresses and Marie-Louise hats . The fashion house of Paquin was indeed very popular, but it seems Lantelme liked also other designers. She appreciated the work of Madeleine Vionnet, and this photo of 1910 shows her in a dress by Jeanne Lanvin.

Genevieve Lantelme in Lanvin dress. Les Modes, June 1910. Photo by Felix. File source

Caption: Mme LANTELME du théâtre du Vaudeville. ROBE ET CAPUCHON
JEANNE LANVIN. Robe en tulle blanc brodé et soutaché sur fond rose. Ceinture bleu Sèvres et tons rococo. Capuchon en mousseline de soie rose. Cabochons Renaissance argent et mousseline rose.

young Lantelme

According to the article in Le Theatre # 303, Genevieve Lantelme was born in 1882. So she’s 20 years on this photo from Les Modes, July 1902.

Genevieve Lantelme from the Gymnase theatre. File source Photo by Reutlinger.

Les Modes caption: Mademoiselle Lantelme, du theatre de Gymnase. Robe princesse et corselet en mousseline de soie avec incrustations de guipure rehaussée de roses de Saxe en chiffon de soie, decolleté carré garni de guipure, manches a double bouffant; chapeau de tulle noir avec guirlandes de roses.

It’s one of few early photos where we can see her wearing earrings. On the later photos she doesn’t wear earrings and the 1912 Drouot sale of her jewels shows no earrings in her collection.

Lantelme in Trois Sultanes

Genevieve Lantelme in the play Trois Sultanes by Favart, played in Odeon theatre in 1910. Scan from Historia magazine.

In this classic 18-century play written in verse Lantelme dansed and surprised public by exotic Oriental dresses.