a rare postcard

A rare and unseen postcard of Lantelme.




Lantelme. Photo by Reutlinger (circa 1909)


one photo: 1911

Lantelme Reutlinger-a58-16

Geneviève Lantelme in La Gamine, 1911. Photo by Reutlinger. Dress by Paquin. It’s unusual to see GL in her last years almost without jewels – we see only two here (of course, it’s because of portrayng a naive young girl in this comedy, and not a vamp). File found on Gallica site.

ad postcards for Maison Lewis

I didn’t see these postcards before. Geneviève Lantelme on ads/postcards for Maison Lewis, circa 1910/1911. The shop address is in London.

new pictures

Lantelme NL 3032 postcard

Lantelme. Postcard NL 3032.

Lantelme Gamine postcard Reutlinger

Lantelme. Postcard/ad LA GAMINE, 1911.

Felix Lantelme photo

Photo of Lantelme by Felix, circa 1910.

one more cover

The lady on this portrait by Boldini is not identified, but she looks like Lantelme and the picture is very beautiful. Usually it’s called Il Cappello or Il Cappello Piumato.

Tiziano Panconi. Giovanni Boldini l’Uomo e la Pittura.


Covers using pictures of Lantelme by Giovanni Boldini: Giovanni Boldini by Blagoy Kiroff and L’Opera Completa di Boldini by Carlo Ragghianti.

magazine scans online

Scans of French magazine Comœdia illustré are now online  on Gallica site. Many thanks to Corinne for this info!

A link to a Lystra ad with Lantelme:


2 pictures of Lantelme

Lantelme (photo by Reutlinger, 1911)

Lantelme in 1909 (photo from a German magazine)

an autograph

Photo signed by Lantelme and given to Petronius, French reporter of American magazine The Theatre.

Picture found here. The same photo was published in Volume 13 of the magazine with a note written in English by Lantelme.

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